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The ADI diary 2010 demo, lets you try out almost all features. You can uninstall ADI diary 2010 at any time from Windows Control Panel
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ADI-diary 2010
Instructor Pack 3
One off payment, the licence will never expire

Hardware: PC Desktop or Laptop
Platform: Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP
Included Modules:

Price: £59.00
RRP: £69.98

After purchase, the user account is created automatically, you are notified by e-mail with the instructions on how to download and install the software.

Enquiries: 0845 017 6 015
For more info please contact us
Terms & Conditions

Product Description

Diary Shell
Diary Shell
  An active weekly calendar which can be started from any day of the week to give total flexibility in editing lessons just by dragging and dropping them to a different location. You can drag a pupil from the list or easily make a block booking.

The calendar has a Bookmarks Feature allowing mark and return to any date and time. The pupils list can be transparent giving you a view of the calendar behind it.

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Server Module
Server Module – FREE
  This fantastic feature allows several operators to access the same diary from different computers. Any changes to the diary that are made by an operator can immediately be seen by all others connected to the network.

It also generates e-mails ready for use with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Alternatively you can use built-in SMTP client to send e-mails. It comes with preset e-mail templates such as booking reminders or weekly calendar, which you can customise.

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Payments Module
Payments Module
  This module generates different kinds of invoices suitable for the driving instructor industry. It also automatically counts all prepaid lessons for each pupil and notifies you how much is left in the account. If there are no funds left, it either prompts you to enter Top-up Invoice or books a lesson that is paid by cash.

No matter how many pupils you have, the software will keep track of all payments from all your pupils.

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Tools Module
Tools Module
  Tools module has many features to help with your business. For example it can analyse data for you and display it as a graph chart.

Tools also include:

  • Pupil Progress Report
  • Subjects Editor which allows you to create custom courses with relevant subjects
  • Payment Schedule
  • Automatic Address Recognition
  • Bulk E-mails
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