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The ADI diary 2010 demo, lets you try out almost all features. You can uninstall ADI diary 2010 at any time from Windows Control Panel
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Issue 001
March 2, 2010

Dear ADI-diary user

To improve the service to our customers, we are starting a regular Newsletter. These Newsletters will contain information about essential upgrades, tutorials and tips. This is our first issue.

Newsletter Editor: Anita Campbell


Diary-Online is an excellent addition to ADI-diary, giving you all the necessary functions to manage your diary on the road just by using your iPhone or PDA. At home, you can synchronise your main diary which has even more functions to process your data.

As opposed to your main ADI-diary 2010 (which keeps all your data on your hard drive), Diary-Online keeps it on a secure server, which has space allocated to each diary account.

To keep diary online from overflowing, my recommendation is to occasionally delete pupils who have passed their driving test from your Diary-Online. This will not apply to your main diary which is installed on your computer and is limited only to the size of your Hard Drive. ADI-diary 2010 can keep the history of your lesson activity for years.

Right Mouse Button

Most of us use the left mouse button completely forgetting about the right one. In most programs the right mouse button is reserved to display a menu. It is called the context menu, also known as popup menu. If you have not been using this, try right clicking in each of the programs you regularly use, and see if the context menu has commands that are useful to you.

Like any other software, ADI-diary has similar context menu which have useful commands and spares you from moving your mouse up and down when you want to perform a diary operation.

For example: if you click on a lesson with your right button, you will able to see the details of the lesson and the pupil without opening the necessary page.

If you right click on an empty time slot you will get a different menu which allows you to quickly navigate or book a lesson.

Anita Campbell

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