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The ADI diary 2010 demo, lets you try out almost all features. You can uninstall ADI diary 2010 at any time from Windows Control Panel
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What’s New in version 5.0
For the list of all new features in version 5, click here
Newsletter No. 13

Version 5 is a major upgrade; therefore we highly recommend making a fresh installation. The new software will search for previous version and will prompt you to convert the diary and settings.

The data transfer is fully compatible with previous versions. However, because Version 5 introduces new types of bookings, the previous version 4.2 will not recognise them. This will not influence the integrity of your diary. Once you have installed and transferred your current diary to the new version, you can safely uninstall previous version.

Please note: To avoid confusion, we have temporally removed automatic upgrades from help menu. This feature will be restored at a later time once majority of users have upgraded to version 5.

If you are running server/client system then please contact our technical support for assistance.

Upgrade to Version 5
Make sure you exit the diary before downloading
Make sure to backup all your data before proceeding
  1. Log on to your account and click Download ADI-diary Version 5
  2. When asked Run, Save, Cancel – click Run
  3. When asked Run Don't Run – click Run and follow the instructions
  4. When installation is complete select Launch the program and click Finish
  5. When diary starts, Activate/Refresh Licence page will automatically appear
  6. Enter Account Name and password
  7. Click Register
  8. After successful registration, a Welcome page appears, click Exit
  9. Import data from previous version page appears. Your previous diary will be preselected
  10. Click Import
To transfer more diaries from previous versions, go to File menu and click Open from previous version
If your computer is part of a driving school network, then please check that all is set correctly
  • Go to Network menu and click Switchboard Account
  • Click Test
  • If successful, then click OK twice
  • Go to Network menu and click Configuration

Transmission page

  • Mode 1 should be selected
  • Designated computer should display the name of your computer. If you are not sure click Assign this computer
  • "Synchronise on start and exit" should be ticked

Data security page

It is recommended not to tick any of the tables on this page. If you do want to know which records are deleted then select option "Notify me when a record is about to be deleted"

Data processing page

If you do not use Mirror-Diaries then tick Franchise, Expenses and Pass the message tables. Expenses table is transfered only to Mirror-Diaries. Click here to learn about Franchise transmission policy

Inbox style page

It is recommended to select Database User Name.


It is recommended not to change anything on this page unless recommended by our technical support.
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