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Issue 007
August 3, 2010

ADI-diary version 4.1 is available for download

We are pleased to announce that ADI-diary version 4.1 has been released and the upgrade is available on our website: www.adidiary.net. This upgrade is free to all users who have both Payments and Filter Modules installed on their computers.

In addition to the new features which I have described in my previous newsletter (issue 6), ADI-diary now has the following changes and improvements.

Due to the nature of the driving instructing industry where payments can be taken by both instructors and driving schools (or a mixture of both), Holding Amounts have been reserved for driving schools only. Similarly, instructors use Cash, Prepaid and Top-up invoices. This draws a definite distinction between invoices which makes Cash Flow easily understandable.

Sort Order

The order of names is not case sensitive any more. All names are listed in alphabetical order ignoring the character case.

Incremental Search

First and Last Names are stored in separate fields. However, to save the space in lists, the names are combined in a single column. The older version would drop the search if a First Name was not found. The new version will continue the search in both fields if a space character is inserted between the names.

Balance Sheet

Significant improvements have been made to Balance Sheet making it easier to view and track missing payments. Every booking displays a little icon indicating how the lesson has been paid – by invoice or cash. Extra lines have been added to totals making it easier to see at a glance any outstanding amounts. By double clicking on a line in the list you can open a booking page to adjust values.

Preview Block Bookings

Block bookings has been refined to calculate future bookings. The system will calculate the remaining credit and assign an invoice (if found) or set it as cash booking.


A new page has been introduced to ADI-diary allowing you to calculate Partial Refunds. Starting with version 4.1, the policy for Refunds has been changed. To make it easier to track payments and refunds, ADI-diary links all refunds to the corresponding invoice.

When you upgrade ADI-diary, your existing accounts will show a missing link for all refunds you made prior to version 4.1

Usually, with every upgrade there is automatic data conversion. For invoices you will need to convert all refunds manually and ADI-diary provides an easy mechanism to do this. This needs to be done only once. Any new refunds which are created using version 4.1 will be linked automatically.

To accommodate the new features, new HTML templates can be downloaded from our website.

For further information please go online to read What’s New in version 4.1, which will explain how to upgrade and reconcile refund-invoice links.

Anita Campbell
All our back issues are published on our website: www.adidiary.net

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