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Issue 006
July 26, 2010

Payments and Filter Modules

Dear ADI-diary user,

To show our commitment to our customers by constantly improving the software, we are pleased to announce that ADI-diary version has been finalised and is scheduled for release on July 30, 2010. This upgrade is free to all users who have both Payments and Filter Modules installed on their computers.


The Invoices Page now has a comprehensive filtering system, which allows you to include or exclude almost any transaction in the list. You can search and filter every data field allowing you to manage all your payments in a quick and efficient way.

The programmers even went to such an extent as to include filters for amounts. For example: you can view all invoices with £20 or less (set as a filter parameter) left in the prepaid lessons. The system is not restricted to a single parameter in the filter. You can set any combination of constraints, which can be saved and easily retrieved later.

A new page has been introduced to ADI-diary allowing you to calculate Partial Refund Invoices which will balance your income in the Cash Flow Page, making this an essential tool for every driving instructor.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow has a similar filter as Invoices page which allows you to view your income, part of income, expenditure or any combination of it. Franchise is not restricted to driving schools anymore and can be set (as any other transaction) as income or expense. The display table has changed a little to accommodate these new improvements and to allow you to more easily distinguish between types of transactions.

In addition to the pupils’ payment calculator, you can now bypass all invoices, displaying lesson charges only, in combination with other transactions, which makes Cash Flow a powerful tool.

New Features

These new features put ADI-diary into a different league of professional software, making it a necessary tool for every instructor and driving school.

There are more upgrades to come. The programmers review the Wish List (which is compiled by our users) every month, sorting them out, prioritising and scheduling new releases, which can be free or, in order to ensure continuous development and putting the software in the way you like, chargeable.

The help files explaining how to use the new features will be provided on our website with a direct link from the software.

Anita Campbell
All our back issues are published on our website: www.adidiary.net

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