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Issue 003
May 28, 2010

New release ADI-diary 2010 version 4

Dear ADI-diary user

We are pleased to announce that the new release of ADI-diary version 4 has been finalised and scheduled on June 5, 2010. The program will be available to download from our website: www.adidiary.net

Improved e-mailing

SMTP client is now compatible with Google, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and BT Broadband.
The emails can be sent in HTML format using the built-in e-mail editor. The old bulk e-mails function has been replaced with Mailing List which allows you to group your contacts by category. The program also comes with new e-mail templates.

New HTML Page Generator

Export Module is now able to generate HTML pages using templates you supply by inserting selected data from your diary. The module comes with combination of about 100 templates which you can edit using built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor (stands for What You See Is What You Get). The editor provides an interface which resembles how the page will be displayed in a web browser.

The page generator is able to insert images into pages and resize them according to your specification. This sophisticated tool, which is activated by simply clicking a button, can generate the entire website within minutes.
View all the features of HTML Page Generator

Find available instructor is now state of art

A new function has been introduced which allows searching for any available time of all instructors in the diary. You can limit the search to a minimum amount of free time, for example: Search in Postcode area in the period between April 28 and May 5 with a minimum 1:15 of free instructor time. This new feature will greatly improve productivity of driving schools of any size.

Improved navigation by introducing floating transparent windows

The pupil information is now easy to view by bringing up to the screen an Avatar window. The Avatar can be moved with the diary cursor and displays contact details and pupil’s image for the selected lesson.

Other improvements

  • Print engine has been improved and incorporates new colour schemes.
  • Microsoft Export Module has been expanded to allow you to pre-format output pages.
  • The invoicing system has been improved introducing new fields and updating invoice tracking
  • Pupils’ availability indicator (by request of many driving instructors)
  • Currency symbol can be changed within ADI-diary without going to Control Panel settings.
  • Replicate an entire week of lessons
  • Easy to manage Double booking
  • Connection to mirror diaries is improved and easier to use
There are many other improvements and new features which make ADI-diary a truly professional tool and enjoyable to use.

Anita Campbell
All our back issues are published on our website: www.adidiary.net

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