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Issue 002
March 15, 2010

Progress Report

ADI-diary has an automated pupils progress report, which can be maintained directly from the Bookings page. You can view and refine the final report from Tools menu, which will also allow you to print and export it. There is also a shortcut: Ctrl+F8 key, which will bring up the report for a selected pupil.

How ADI-diary selects a pupil for a Progress Report

  • If the diary cursor is placed on a lesson, then the report is displayed for the first pupil in the lesson’s pupils group.
  • If the diary cursor is placed on an blank time slot, then the report is displayed for the selected pupil in the Filter List.
  • If the Filter List is not visible, then the report is displayed for the pupil which is selected in the top bar.
Lots of instructors have requested a new feature which will allow e-mailing of the report to the pupil or parents. Our programming team is already working to add this capability to the software, but for now, I can explain how to work around it.
  1. Export the report into Microsoft Word by clicking the button in the top-right corner of the Pupil’s Progress Report page.
  2. When MS Word appears, hold Ctrl key and hit ‘A’ key. This will select the entire context of the MS Word document.
  3. Hold Ctrl and hit ‘C’ key. This will copy the selected text into your clipboard.
  4. Create new e-mail. Paste the Progress Report into the body of the e-mail by holding the Ctrl key and hitting ‘V’ key.

New release coming soon with improved SMTP client

The new release will have improved SMTP client, which will allow you to create and send e-mails directly from ADI-diary and it will be compatible with googlemail, hotmail, AOL and many other e-mail hosting providers.

To make it easier for our customers to configure SMTP client, our website will publish all compatible e-mail servers which deliver your e-mails. The software will able to automatically fetch the settings from the website such as: host address, port number and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) settings. The upgrade will be free for all our customers who have Remote Network installed with email capability enabled.

A new interface for editing HTML emails is now in the development phase. This wonderful addition will allow editing of e-mails and templates directly in ADI-diary without using any other software. No knowledge of HTML is required.

Anita Campbell

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