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The ADI diary 2010 demo, lets you try out almost all features. You can uninstall ADI diary 2010 at any time from Windows Control Panel
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Quick Start
The Quick Start page provides only the minimum knowledge to operate ADI-diary. To use the full potential of this powerful software, please read the other chapters of the ADI-diary knowledge base.

Creating your new Diary

  1. Drop File Menu
  2. Select New
  3. In the Create New Diary page, type the name of your new diary
  4. Click OK

Entering a new pupil

  1. Drop Profiles Menu
  2. Select New Pupil
  3. Type the pupil's first name
  4. Click New Pupil
  5. In the Pupil Profile page, enter pupil's surname and other details
  6. Select Settings page
  7. Choose gearbox
  8. Select Course
  9. Select Rate page
If rates are not set, the fee for the lesson or driving test is charged according to the 'Rates by Postcode' list. If the postcode is not found in the list, then the default rate is charged. (See Default Rates)

You can also enter the amount you wish to charge to override default charge. The rates on the Settings Page apply to the selected pupil only.

  1. Select Licence page
  2. Enter the details for your reference
  3. Select Marketing page
  4. Choose – How did you hear about us?
  5. Click Exit

Pupil selection

There are two ways to select a pupil

  1. From the Pupil Selection Bar in the top-right corner or
  2. From the Filter List

The Filter has priority. If the Filter List is visible then all operations apply to the selected pupil in the List – if not, then to the bar in the top-right corner

4 ways to select a pupil from the Selection Bar

  • Hit F3 key
  • Drop Profiles Menu and click Select Pupil
  • Double click on the bar
  • Click on the bar's ellipsis button

To select a pupil from the Filter List

F4 key will toggle the List visibility. The Filter List has an incremental find feature. See Wikipedia article about this feature.

Block Bookings

Two ways to book lessons

  1. Double click on any available time slot. Block Booking dialog box appears. Set number of lessons, time and days and click Book All
  2. From the Filter List, drag & drop a pupil to any available time slot. Hold Control key if you want a 2 hour lesson.
To edit a lesson, double click on the appropriate booked slot on the diary

To book a test

  1. Select the desired time slot in the diary
  2. Press Ctrl + T
  3. Book Driving Test page appears with the date and time you have just selected
  4. Choose Driving Test Centre and click OK

One click test

  1. Select the desired time slot in the diary
  2. Hold Ctrl Key and click with right mouse button
  3. Menu with the list of available Test Centres appears
  4. Click the time
  5. The test with default values will be booked into the diary

To change default values, go to settings menu and click Default Test

To create invoice for the booked lesson or driving test, press F6 key.

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