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Reconcile refund-invoice links
Starting with version 4.1, the policy for Refunds has been changed. To make it easier to track payments and refunds, ADI-diary links all refunds to the corresponding invoice.

If you upgraded ADI-diary from a previous version then you need to reconcile refund-invoice links. Your existing accounts will show a missing link for all refunds you made prior to version 4.1.

Usually with every upgrade there is automatic data conversion. For invoices you will need to convert all refunds manually and ADI-diary provides an easy mechanism to do this.

  1. Go to Payments menu and click Invoices
  2. Click on a column where you can see Invoice Type in the header
  3. Make sure that Include is selected
  4. Then select Refund
The filter will display all refunds excluding anything else
  1. Click Details
  2. Invoice No. box will show No link, click to assign
  3. Click on the link
The page will show all invoices made out to the pupil.
  1. Select the invoice you have refunded and click Select in the top bar
The page will show the refund invoice with the Invoice No. linked to it
  1. Press F7 key to go to the next Refund invoice and repeat the procedure above

ADI-diary will prevent assigning the wrong invoice when:

  • Selected invoice is made out to a different pupil
  • Refund is greater than amount originally paid (will allow to assign but a warning is issued)
  • Instructor assigns Holding Amount
  • Driving school assigns Prepaid Amount

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