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The ADI diary 2010 demo, lets you try out almost all features. You can uninstall ADI diary 2010 at any time from Windows Control Panel
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Remote Network Configuration
Data transmission
None The diary alterations are not tracked
Mode 1 Tracks diary alterations but does not send anything. To transmit the data, hit Ctrl+F10
Mode 2 As above but also tracks remote computers and Diary-Online for any data alteration. Does not receive anything but notifies you about it
Mode 3 – Live Data Any changes in your diary are immediately transferred to the Diary-Online or remote computer. If the remote computer has Mode 3 selected the diary updates immediately.

Incoming Data
Compare record versions Ignores any data that is out of date
Do not delete records The user can delete records only on his/her own computer. Your computer will not be affected
Do not alter records This option will lock your diary from any alteration from remote computers or Diary-Online

Other Settings
Internet connection timeout If ADI-diary cannot connect to the Internet, it will wait for the specified time and then exit the operation.
HTTP packet size
MAIL packet size
Packet gap
Please leave these settings at their default values.
Check Telephone Connection A legacy function to detect an Internet connection is purposely left in ADI-diary for compatibility reasons from when Broadband was not so common. If ADI-diary cannot detect a dial up connection, it will ask you if you have a permanent connection to the Internet.

To disable this function, clear the check box.

Transfer Images Sends the attached image along with the pupils/instructor details
Place updates in processed box
Delete processed updates
For back reference you can keep all processed updates, otherwise they are deleted as soon as they are inserted into the diary.
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