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The ADI diary 2010 demo, lets you try out almost all features. You can uninstall ADI diary 2010 at any time from Windows Control Panel
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Template Tags List
There are three types of tags ADI-diary uses for data generation

[Tag]Data tag[Hours]
[+Tag]Total of the data column[+Hours]
[/Tag]Info or Filter tag[/FStatus]

List of tags that are not part of ADI-diary data. They are applicable to every report and usually placed in the Header or Footer of the exported page.
[/ReportName] The name of the report, usually the name of the data form
[/WinTitle] Title of a dialog box is copied to the HTML page
[/HeaderStr] Header Caption of a dialog box is copied to the HTML page
[/UserName1] First Name of the registered user
[/UserName2] Last Name of the registered user
[/UserID] Registered user's ID
[/UserAccount] Registered user's Account Name
[/SerialNumber]  Product Serial Number
[/CompanyName] Driving School Name
[/CompanyPhone] Registered user's Phone number which is found in Instrucros Profile
[/CompanyEmail] Registered user's e-mail address which is found in Instructors Profile
[/CompanyWebsite] Registered user's website which is found in Instructors Profile
[/gitime] Date and time the report was generated

The Filter List Tags
[/FActive] Active instructors only
[/FGrade] Filter instructors by Grade
[/FMotoCat] Filter instructors by vehicle categories
[/FWorkDays] Filter instructors by Working days
[/FCarModel] Filter instructors by Car Model
[/FWorkZip] Filter instructors by operating postcode
[/FAllocPup] Allocated Pupils Only
[/FWaiting] Waiting List
[/FMotoCat] Filter pupil by vehicle categories
[/FStatus] Filter pupil by Status
[/FCourse] Filter pupil by Course
[/FPostcode] Filter pupil by Postcode
[/FLsnKind] Filter lessons by type
[/FLsnStatus] Filter lessons by status
[/FCourse] Filter lessons by course
[/FName] Filter lessons by pupil

Data filters from various pages
[/Period] Data range period
[/Filter] Filter is applied to data
[/PrintFilter] Filter is applied to data from Printer or Export page
[/PupilName] Name of a pupil eg. Balance Sheet
[/InstructorName] Name of an instructor eg. Franchise Payments
[/RemainingSum] Remaining Sum for Block Book Preview page
[/ADI_account] Account Name for Instructor-Welcome.htm template
[/ADI_password] Password for Instructor-Welcome.htm template

You can find data tags examples in your templates which are located in
C:\ADI diary 2010\Common Files\Configuration\Templates\Html\Pages Set1

If you are interested in making your own templates, you are welcome to contact us for guidelines and comprehensive tag list.

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